Panic Disorder Assessment
Dr Elaine Ryan
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I am going to ask you some questions, and ask yourself if this has happened to you quite suddenly and peak within 10 minutes

Palpitations or pounding, or racing heart *

Sweating *

Trembling or shaking *

Feeling short of breath or smothering *

Feeling of choking *

Chest pain or discomfort *

Nausea or discomfort in your stomach *

Feeling dizzy, lightheaded or faint *

Feeling unreal, or detached from yourself *

Fear of losing control, or going crazy *

Fear of dying *

Numbness or tingling sensations *

Feeling chilly or getting hot flushes *

Have these episodes happened repeatedly? *

Have they happened out of the blue? *

Have you worried about getting panic attacks for one month or more? *

Have you worried about the effects of the attacks (eg, that you will pass out, or you might die, or that you will go crazy) for one month or more? *

Have you changed your behaviour (eg, carry water, avoid places that might trigger an attack) for one month or more? *


Your assessment indicates that your panic attacks have not turned into panic disorder.  
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Your assessment indicates that you might have panic disorder.

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