Intrusive Thoughts Test
Dr Elaine Ryan
This test is not to replace professional diagnosis by a qualified mental health professional.  Rather it is show you if you have traits relating to intrusive thoughts
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Do you have unwanted thoughts thoughts that make you feel anxious or uncomfortable? *

Do you find that you cannot get the unwanted thoughts out of your mind? *

Do you worry that the thoughts 'mean something about you' or that you will act on them? *

Do you worry that you could accidentally  harm someone, even though this is against your character? *

for example this could be people you love or are close to you
Do your thoughts make you feel distressed? *

Do you experience unwanted thoughts in relation to your sexual identity? *

Are you worried that you could say, or do, or think something, that is against God or your religion? *

Do you experience unwanted sexualised thoughts? *

Do you have unwanted thoughts that you are a bad person or have done something wrong? *

Do you worry that you could behave in a violent way, that is out of character for you? *

Do you analyse these thoughts to see if they could be true? *

Do you avoid people, places or things, because you are afraid you might act on your thoughts? *

Do you seek reassurance regarding your thoughts *

Do you try to get reassurance that you have not done something bad? *

for example, acted inappropriately, said something wrong, done something wrong
Do you avoid anything, that you think might trigger your unwanted thoughts? *

for example, children, knives, films or TV shows, books, people, places, things, internet, church
Do you avoid some things as you believe something bad might happen?

Do you try to avoid, children or people as you are concerned about sexually inappropriate thoughts? *

Do you try to avoid 'things' that could cause harm? *

for example knives

Do you worry that your unwanted thoughts will never go away? *

Do you do things to help you cope with your thoughts? *

For example, analyse the thoughts in your head, repeat prayers, words or phrases?

How much distress do these thoughts and behaviours cause you? *

0 = no distress
5= severe distress
Are you able to control your thoughts and behaviours?

0= yes I can control them
5= you have no control

Your assessment indicates that you do not appear to have intrusive thoughts
Your assessment indicates that you have symptoms that are suggestive of mild intrusive thoughts .If you click the link below If you would like my help you can preview my own course for overcoming Intrusive Thoughts
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Your assessment indicates that there is a high probability that you are experiencing Intrusive Thoughts. If you would like my help, I have a course that is available immediately, based on my own clinical practice
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